Gameplay in the AXIS Season - We missed the mark on new modes of gameplay in the AXIS Season. The reasons why this happened are numerous, but we don’t want to make excuses. Moving forward, we are intent on providing fresh gameplay each season in as many ways as we can.

Lack of PvP/Co-Op - For most of 2017, PvP had a reduced role in our roadmap while we got our PvE model back on track. In addition to this, a longstanding bug prevented us from using Co-Op targets for several months. Now that Marauders, Alliance War, and Co-Op have all been introduced (or re-introduced), we believe we have a good head start on ensuring that PvP and Co-Op is present for those who enjoy it.

Weekly Cadence Execution - While the concept behind the new Weekly Cadence for events and activities was understood as good by the community, the execution has been rocky. Messaging has been unclear on what’s running and when, difficulty balancing is off, and the adjustment to no longer having loot drops in a lot of these targets has been difficult. We are confident we will get the execution locked in during Q1.

Alliance War Execution - Alliance War is another example of the concept being engaging to players but the execution not being quite right. The upcoming Alliance War in January will have reduced costs to unlock all tiers and prizes, with more substantial back-end tech changes on the way in February.

PvP Marauders - We didn’t want to overload players by dumping all Marauder content on them in one month, but the rollout was also slow enough that players lost their excitement for this content. Additionally, our caution at not making it too overpowered got in the way of its purpose of being content that we could be a lot more adventurous with.

Existing Marauder content will continue to be offered at a discounted rate, while we work on ensuring that new Marauder content has the punch that we first intended it to have.

Mid-Event Difficulty Tuning - If a target is broken, if players are able to hit it with a level-appropriate fleet and walk away with absolutely no repairs, we have to fix that. By that same token, if a target is far too difficult and players are taking much more damage than we intended, we always make it easier until the target meets our expectations.

We believe that once we have the Weekly Calendar difficulty set, and it no longer requires our regular attention, it will allow our team to focus more on the Feature Events and ensure that targets are correct when they first release, with less mid-event tuning required.

Build and Repair Times - With the AXIS season, build and repair times increased, without an equivalent step-up in power to justify it. This made for more offline time for players.

Content in the new season of T7 will feature build/repair times that are equivalent or lower than Xeno tech, which we believe will help correct that misstep.

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